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Marketing discussions featuring the staff of Now Media Group. Each week, different marketing topics are broken down from a variety of perspectives.



Ever wonder which generation comes after millennials and how they're different?

Generation-Z includes anyone born from the mid-1990's to 2010 and they'll be 2.56 billion strong by 2020. Join Tessa, Melissa, Richard, Jonathan, and Nick in exploring the traits, tendencies, and differences in Generation-Z, and see why this knowledge is vital for reaching them as marketers. 


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Can you name the first company to feature a gay couple in their ads? What about a company that missed the mark when trying to target the LGBT community? 

Learn the answers to those questions and more in our 24th episode of the Marketing Monday Podcast. 

Join Secil in her podcasting debut, along with Jonathan, Tessa, Richard, and Nick for a podcast that explores the issues facing the LGBT community as they pertain to business and marketing. At 58 minutes, this is our longest episode yet. 

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Do you know which company caused an uproar when they came out with products that were exclusively "For Her"? 

Can you name one ad that depicts fathers in a disparaging manner? 

Find out the answers to those questions in episode 23 of the Marketing Monday Podcast. Join Richard, Gloria, Jonathan, Tessa, and Nick for a podcast about the differences in marketing to men and women. 

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Can you name two companies that have been accused of body shaming on social media? And which teen fashion company only sells clothing in one size: Small? 

Learn the answers to those questions and a lot more in episode 22 of the Marketing Monday Podcast. Join Jonathan, Richard, Gloria, Melissa, and myself for a discussion of Body-Shaming in Marketing and how it impacts society. 

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Join Richard in his guest hosting debut, along with Melissa, Jonathan, Gloria, and Nick for a discussion about the ethics and challenges of marketing to underprivileged groups. From the shady side of Payday Loans to the ways that Big Data is able to exclude certain groups, we explore how those who are in poverty are effectively targeted by marketers. This is also the longest podcast at almost 48 minutes. 

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Join us for Episode 20 of the Marketing Monday Podcast where we discuss the importance and controversy of marketing to different ethnicities. 

The team included Melissa, Jonathan, Richard, and Gloria, and the podcast runs 38 minutes. 

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Ever wonder which pop-star is considered a marketing genius or what you get in a subscription to Glossy Box?

Check out Episode 19 of the NMG Podcast to find out. Join Sophie, Jonathan, Richard, Gloria, and Nick for a podcast that covers some of the most interesting things that are happening right now in the world of marketing. 


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Join Sophie, Jonathan, Richard, Gloria, and Nick for a discussion about privacy in marketing. This episode runs 47 minutes long and talks about various aspects of how consumer privacy is impacted by marketing.

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Join our podcast team as we discuss the best digital ads of the first half of 2017 and explore the qualities that make an outstanding advertisement.



Podcast Show Notes – Best Ads So Far in 2017

Monday – July 17, 2017


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Join Richard, Melissa, Nick, and Sophie for a podcast about marketing to Baby Boomers, Gen-X, and Millenials.

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