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Management & Marketing

Marketing discussions featuring the staff of Now Media Group. Each week, different marketing topics are broken down from a variety of perspectives.



Can you guess which celebrity attempted a food stamp challenge only to quit four days later? 

Know which brand of Yogurt had to pay $45 million because of their claims that they boost your immune system? 

Find out these answers and more on the Now Media Group Podcast Episode 18!

Join Sophie, Richard, Gloria, & Nick for a discussion on False Advertising and how it impacts society.


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Join Sophie, Jonathan, Richard, Gloria, and Nick for a discussion about privacy in marketing. This episode runs 47 minutes long and talks about various aspects of how consumer privacy is impacted by marketing.

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In episode 10, Sophie, Melissa, Richard, Hannah, & Nick each break down an example of marketing gone wrong. Then, the team discusses marketing disasters as a group. Companies mentioned include Wells Fargo, Pepsi, Lifelock, Starbucks, and the Fyre Festival.

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