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Marketing discussions featuring the staff of Now Media Group. Each week, different marketing topics are broken down from a variety of perspectives.



Do you put emotions into what you do? What emotions motivate you and which cause you to shut down? How does writing affect you emotionally?

  • Join Jonathan, Tessa, Amy, Richard, and Nick as they explore the complex relationship between emotions and writing
  • Before getting to the main topic, check out the intro discussion where the Rogue Writers briefly talk about where they each grew up
  • In the free discussion phase, everyone talks about whether they're biased towards those with tattoos or not, like one of Nick's relatives said they were. 
  • In our Author Profile segment, hear Jonathan discuss the highly-accomplished sci-fi author, Phillip K. Dick as he breaks down his works and challenges.
  • Hang out until the end to hear powerful quotes from each participant - The authors span from Sylvia Plathe to Marcus Aurelius.  

Come back next Monday for episode 6 of the Rogue Writers Podcast which will be guest hosted by Amy Hill. 

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Find out the origin stories of Jonathan, Richard, Amy, Tessa, and Nick as writers and learn more about the writing process from their perspective. 

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Credit for Musical Intro: Dirty Rose Productions

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While no one is a perfect writer, Nick, Richard, Amy, Tessa, and Jonathan have been writing for years, and each offers a uniquely personal perspective on the experiences that have led them to improve. 

Which two people bring up studying multiple disciplines as a way to improve your writing?

Which member of the podcast owns a pitbull? 

Find out all that and more in the 4th episode of the Rogue Writers Podcast. 


Check out the Author's Profile segment, this time from Nick as he talks about Eckhard Toole's journey from the brink of suicide, to writing The Power of Now, which went on to sell 3 million copies and change numerous lives. 


Stick around to the end when all of us read quotes that have inspired us recently - Richard starts it off with a poetry reading like only he could do, and other authors discussed range from Stephen King to Pythagoras. 


In just one week, the Rogue Writers Podcast will be back with another episode. Feel free to support us by sending feedback, sharing the podcast, or telling a friend who loves writing about us. Thanks for listening!


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Ever wanted to take your writing from hobby to career, or at least use it to generate a supplementary source of income? 

Join five people who've done just that as they discuss the experiences that led them to become professional writers. Learn about freelance work, blogging experiences, ways to spice up your resume, and more tips that will give you a competitive edge. 


Listen for the debut of the Author Profile segment - in this episode, Richard breaks down the situation that led Kurt Vonnegut to write The Slaughterhouse Five. 


Also, stay tuned to the end to hear powerful quotes chosen and read by Amy, Richard, Jonathan, Tessa, and Nick. Featured authors range from Julius Ceaser and Marcus Aurelius to Stephen King and Truman Capote. 

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Check out Rogue Writers Podcast episode 2 to find out what Amy, Richard, Tessa, Jonathan, and Nick have been up to, and how they deal with writer's block in their own projects. 

Also, as part of the intros, learn what two things we each feel sets us apart from our peers.


Find the Rogue Writer Podcast page and Rogue Writers YouTube Channel for additional episodes. Look for new episodes every two weeks.


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Ever wonder how people like Adam Carolla and Joe Rogan are able to grow their podcast to the point where it's able to meet their marketing goals, make money, and get results? 

In episode 30, join Nick, Tessa, Riocard, and Jonathan as we talk about various strategies that can take your podcast to the next level.  

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All of us at Now Media Group work on some aspect of dental marketing. Join Jonathan, Richard, Tessa, and Nick for a 45-minute discussion on various aspects of dental marketing including: 

- How to perform a SWOT analysis to assess your position in the market.

- Why outreach is the key to becoming well-known and trusted in the community.

- Why your "Meet the Team" photo is one of the most crucial parts of a dentist's website.

- 5 reliable marketing hacks that come from years of marketing to dentists. 


Thanks for listening to and sharing the Marketing Monday Podcast. Check out NowMediaGroup.tv to peruse our services and check out previous episodes. 




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Do you know the epic ad that's featured in the final episode of Mad Men? Which beverage company had to pay $13 million when sued for false advertising?

Find the answers to these questions and more in episode 28 of the Marketing Monday Podcast. Join Jonathan, Richard, Tessa, and Nick for a discussion of the most impactful ads of all time and what made them so memorable. 

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Have a strong understanding of Net Neutrality? Know why it's such a hot topic and how it's most likely to affect you in 2018? 

Join Shawn in his podcast debut, along with Jonathan, Tessa, Richard, and Nick for an explanation of what Net Neutrality is and a discussion of what it means to consumers. 

In this one 48 minute podcast, you can brush up on Net Neutrality and see why it's guaranteed to impact your internet usage this year. 

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Which artist released a song that significantly boosted calls to the suicide hotline? What fast food chain really killed it on Twitter this year? 

Find out the answers to those questions and more in our end of the year podcast that explores the Most Memorable Marketing Moments of 2017. 

Join Melissa, Richard, Tessa, Sophie, and myself for the last Marketing Monday podcast of 2017 - this episode runs 38-minutes. 

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