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Marketing discussions featuring the staff of Now Media Group. Each week, different marketing topics are broken down from a variety of perspectives.



Writing prompts are useful tools for exploring new ideas or for getting started on a work of fiction. In this episode, each participant used a writing prompt to inspire their new Flash Fiction stories and read them on the podcast. Plus, we've each come up with a new writing prompt to inspire listeners to expand on it and start their own. 

Here's the times when you can find each participant's Flash Fiction - note that all are less than 1000 words and some are less than 300: 

1. Tessa - (Untitled) (Find it at 25.59) 

2. Jeremy - "The Shadows" (31.12)

3. Amy - "The Prank" (35.42)

4. Gerry - "A Butterfly Emerges from a Cocoon" (43.44)

5. Nick - "Perfect Eli" (46.29)

- Also catch Jeremy in his first Passage Highlight where he reads a passage by Jordan Peterson. 

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What aspect of your life provides the most conflict? Is it ever better to avoid conflict? How do you deal with it? 

Join Tessa, Richard, Gerry, Spencer, and Nick in an episode where we discuss our perspectives on conflict and how we resolve the conflict in our lives. 

Here are some highlights of episode 15, "How We Resolve Conflict" 

- The team breaks down how they handled the heat wave from last weekend. 

- Spencer explains how the main character in Ender's Game resolved his conflict in an untraditional way. 

- Tessa discussed the dark and intricate aspects of conflict in The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

- Gerry did her Author Profile on Anne Lamott and discussed the conflict in Legends of the Fall. 

- Nick talked about how the ending of Batman Begins forms the basis of his conflict resolution strategy. 

- Richard does an excellent poetry reading to kick off the Powerful Quotes section.


All support, sharing, and feedback for the podcast is greatly appreciated. 

Email us at RogueWritersSD@gmail.com Thanks for listening and come back next week for episode 16!

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What was the last major mistake you made? Did you learn a valuable lesson from it? As writers, we've made many mistakes, and some resulted in hard-earned lessons - that's what we're discussing on episode 14 of the Rogue Writers Podcast. 

Join Amy, Richard, Spencer, Jeremy, and Nick for a discussion of traits we have that are both a curse and a blessing, mistakes and tips we've learned as writers, and times we were the hero and times we were the villain in a particular situation. Here are some highlights: 

- Jeremy and Spencer make their debut on the Rogue Writers Podcast. We're fortunate to have 2 more talented writers with interesting perspectives on our team.

- For Amy's hero and villain question, she recalls how she handled challenging clients and tasks at her previous job. 

- Don't miss Jeremy break down his perspective of the Pizza situation, how it went awry, and how he redeemed himself. 

- Spencer explains why he strives to make his writing Positive, Authentic, and Compelling, interpreting advice he got from Jonathan. 

- Richard brings up the "Meaning Per Syllable" metric, a concept that every writer should understand. 

- Nick does the first Motivating Passage segment, reading a page from "The 4 Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz. 


All support and feedback is appreciated. Email the Rogue Writers at RogueWritersSD@gmail.com. Thanks for listening and sharing! 

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Which songs do you think have the best writing? How important are lyrics and meaning to you when it comes to music? 

Join Amy, Tessa, Richard, and Nick for a podcast where we explore various aspects of writing in music. 

Here are some highlights from episode 13 of the Rogue Writers Podcast: 

- Tessa discusses the lyrics of Earth, Wind, and Fire, 21 Pilots, and more.

- Nick gives an example of a metaphor in Alpha Omega by Machine Gun Kelly, then explains the connection between 3 Tool & APC songs. 

- In addition to hosting, Amy discusses some of her favorite bands, including The Cure and Bob Dylan

- Richard reads a powerfully written passage by Alfred Casein in the first Passage Highlight segment. 

- Don't miss our powerful, music-related quotes in the end. 


All feedback and support is appreciated. Feel free to contact the Rogue Writers at RogueWritersSD@gmail.com. Thanks for listening!

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Join Gerry, Tessa, Amy, and Nick for another fun and fast-paced episode of the Rogue Writers Podcast. 

Here are some highlights: 

- All 4 participants have written a Haiku about their life for the intro.

- Everyone discussed their most recent book purchase which led to a conversation about building personal libraries

- We asked two well-thought-out questions each for the group for a total of eight. 

- Powerful quotes in the end of the episode were exceptionally good. 

Examples of questions we discuss on the podcast: 

Amy - What job would you do if you weren't a writer? 

Gerry - If driven to distraction at work, how do you get inspired again? 

Nick - What was the most disturbing book you've ever read? 

Tessa - How do you take your self out of your writing when writing about other characters? 

All support for the Rogue Writers Podcast is appreciated - feel free to email us your questions and comments at RogueWritersSD@gmail.com. Thanks for listening!


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Who's your favorite dead writer? In this episode hosted by Amy, Gerry, Richard, Tessa, and Nick each choose a dead writer to discuss. Here were their choices in order of appearance on the podcast: 

Nick: Lee Jun Fan (Bruce Lee)

Gerry: Harper Lee

Tessa: Diana Wynne Jones

Richard: Emily Dickinson

Amy: Dr. Wayne Dyer

...other highlights of episode 11 include: 

- If you could bring back one writer and ask them anything, who would you choose? Our answers spanned from Hemmingway to the Apostles. 

- Sticking with the "death" theme, we each name one thing that's at the top of our bucket list

- Don't miss a poetry reading from Tessa as she reads an epic poem from TS Elliot. 

- Why are people more appreciated posthumously? We discuss various reasons. 

- As always, the episode ends with powerful quotes - these span from Wayne Dyer to the poet Virgil


All support for the Rogue Writers Podcast is greatly appreciated. Feel free to send feedback to RogueWritersSD@gmail.com






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Flash fiction stories are less than 1000 words, and we've each written one for this episode of the podcast. 

The stories range from dark and surreal, and thought-provoking and sweet, to straight up sci-fi. 

Here are the stories that were written and read by each member of the Rogue Writers Podcast: 

Gerry - "The Violet Flame" 

Amy - "The Cat"

Jonathan - "Discovery of Purpose"

Tessa - "A Version I Never Knew"

Nick - "One Last Date"

Here are some other highlights: 

- Some characters blur the line between hero and villain - we discuss our favorite anti-heroes. 

- We discuss our favorite creative outlets that have nothing to do with writing - Who lists gardening as a favorite? Which 2 wish they were better carpenters?

- Don't miss Amy's Author Profile of Dalton Trumbo, and find out how he's connected to the video for "One" by Metalica. 

- Powerful quotes in the end range from Jack Kerouac to Marcus Aurelius


Feel free to connect with the Rogue Writers Podcast by emailing us at RogueWritersSD@gmail.com. Tell us what you think - we appreciate the feedback!

Plus, all sharing on social media is greatly appreciated. Thanks, and we'll be back on June 4 with another episode!






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What does it take to be a good writer? Creativity, self-discipline, and typing skills are useful, but what other skills are required?

Join Amy as she hosts an episode of the Rogue Writers Podcast where we explore the issue of Writing Skills with Richard, Gerry, Nick, and Tessa.

Here are some highlights of Rogue Writers Podcast Episode 9: 

- Remember the hardest writing assignment you've ever had? We do, and we're talking about them as part of our intros. 

- How well do you do at the airport? Listen to some of our pet peeves while traveling. 

- Richard discusses Dorothy Parker and her Algonquin Round Table that attracted visitors from around the world. 

- Gerry describes how her observational skills provide constant inspiration and make her a better writer. 

- Tessa talks about the grind of writing and how some have more of a propensity for writing than others. 

- Don't miss quotes in the end from authors ranging from Yamamoto Tsunetomo to Malcolm Gladwell


Thanks for joining us for another Rogue Writers Podcast! All efforts to share and support the podcast are greatly appreciated. 


Catch us next week for episode 10 where we read our Flash Fiction Stories on the podcast. 



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Do you get more inspiration from the park or the beach, movies or books? Join Gerry, Tessa, Jonathan, Amy, and Nick for a podcast where we discuss the many things that inspire us. 

On this fast-paced episode of the Rogue Writers Podcast, don't miss...


- Everyone discusses the movie or movie scene that inspires them the most.

- We briefly discuss movies we feel are overrated - Which pod team member isn't a fan of Gladiator? What about Mad Max

- Nick does the Author Profile, talking about the samurai Miyamoto Musashi, and what led to his book, The Book of Five Rings. 

- Gerry and Amy discuss various things that inspire them - Jonathan talks about how reading is his main source of inspiration. 

- Tessa and Gerry break down dog etiquette, and how their dogs can sense what's going on.  

- Don't miss Powerful Quotes from some of each participant's favorite authors in the end. 


Thanks for listening to the Rogue Writer's Podcast - All efforts to support and share the podcast are greatly appreciated. 

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What's your ideal writing environment? Do you need complete silence, or do you prefer to follow along with a podcast? Are their beverages, snacks, or accessories that take your motivation to the next level? 

Learn about the writing rituals of Gerry, Richard, Tessa, Amy, and Nick as they discuss their preferred circumstances in which to do their writing. 

Also on this Episode of the Rogue Writers Podcast...

  • Each participant shares a time when they gave or received a gift and the impact of it. 
  • Find out which participant prefers complete silence when doing their writing
  • Tessa does the Author Profile, discussing the literary legend, F. Scott Fitzgerald. 
  • Guess what types of restaurants each podcaster would open. 
  • See Nick's top 5 podcasts he listens to at home and top 5 hip hop songs that keep him motivated at work.
  • Other discussed topics include beaches, writing in libraries, popular cafes around San Diego, and more. 
  • Stay tuned for powerful quotes by each member of the podcast including a poetry reading by Richard. 

Thanks for listening and sharing the Rogue Writers Podcast!

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